Code Name Verity Blog – Maddie Brodatt

The Beginning of a Friendship

I was sitting there, waiting and listening for stragglers on the radio as a battle had just recently occurred and suddenly, I heard somebody screaming “mayday”. I alerted everyone else and switched the headset to speaker so everybody could hear what the victim was saying. I tried to ask for his location, but he was only able to speak German so we called for somebody who knew how to speak German. Shortly after, the door suddenly opened and a girl walked in who I recognized as one of the flight officers. With her help, we were able to figure out that he was heading for Kent and was in a Heinkel He 111. I told the flight officer the bearings to tell the German pilot and eventually, we were able to see the plane approaching our runway. We found the German pilot and brought him in for questioning and afterwards, I was able to talk to the flight officer from before. We commended each other for our quick thinking in the situation from the pilot from before and we quickly became good friends. Little did I know, that this person would become much more important to me and teach me the various aspects of friendship and its importance.

Goodbye For Now

The commanding officer just authorized the flight to transport Julie to France. I’m so nervous, I knew England like the back of my hand, but this time, we were going to unknown territories in France. I boarded the plane, it was a Lysander, a plane that I’ve flown countless times over the years and waited for Julie to board the plane so we could leave. Finally, she boarded the plane, and we took off to Ormaie, France. It was just like any other flight, but as soon as we crossed the English Channel into France, I encountered new scenery that I’ve never seen before. The scenery eventually became dull and when we were about half an hour away from our destination, Julie started to doze off. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise and the plane started to malfunction which meant that we had been hit by anti-aircraft guns. Julie woke up from it and I informed her of the situation as I tried to maintain control over the plane as it kept on climbing on its own. Eventually, we spotted our destination and I signalled Julie to get ready to appropriately respond to the Resistance’s signal when they’ve spotted us. I started to circle around the field as the wireless operator in the airfield gave the right signal and set up the flare path for landing. I attempted to descend the plane to land, but the antiaircraft shots earlier prevented the plane from doing so. I told Julie that she was going to have to jump and started to climb the plane intentionally to get to the appropriate altitude. I moved the plane to the appropriate area for a safe jump and said my goodbyes to Julie. I felt a shift in the weight in the aircraft and suddenly, I was flying alone.

Final Moments

We sat there, watching the bridge and waiting for the Germans to eventually come by with French and Allied prisoners. The other members of the Resistance had rigged explosives onto the bridge and detonated them as they saw the bus get on to the bridge. As the bus stopped, Paul, a member of the Resistance, shot out three of the tires on the bus before the driver and guard got out to inspect how bad the damage was. As soon as they got out, Paul quickly shot them with a submachine gun before they even had time to react. Afterwards, two guards came out and started to randomly fire as I curled in a ball with my hands over my head in fear. We were able to kill one of the guards and the other guard retreated into the bus and brought out all of the prisoners after a couple of minutes. We stopped firing as they aimed their weapons at the prisoners and finally, I was able to recognize Julie among the prisoners. Out of nowhere, Julie started to talk to the guards and ended up making them laugh, but suddenly, she bit one of the guards. They quickly stopped her and shortly afterwards, their reinforcements arrived and as they started to fix the damage, we initiated our attack. Gunshots were heard everywhere and chaos ensued as several of the captives started to resist and flee. The German guard who was in charge decided to put an end to this by getting three prisoners including Julie and shooting them off one by one. He shot the first two one by one, and when he got to Julie, and she started to laugh while screaming, “KISS ME, HARDY! Kiss me, QUICK!”. As her friend, I knew that she was trying to tell me to shoot her and give her a quick and painless death unlike what the Germans were going to do to her. As she turned away, I quickly shot her because I knew that if I were truly her friend, I would kill her before the Germans could do what they wanted with her. That day, I learned that true friendship can sometimes require sacrifices.